• This product has been adopted as "平成28年度補正革新的ものづくり・商業・サービス開発支援補助金".
    Receipt number "2813111326"
    Title "電波センサを活用した呼吸計測が可能な介護見守りシステムの開発"


Non-contact sensor

The 24 GHz radio wave sensor (CMOS sensor) adopted in our watching system is different from a type of sensor fixed with a belt etc. to the human body, it can be installed on a wall or a shelf for measurement.

Detection of fine movement

Our system can detect upper and lower (2 - 3 mm) of the chest due to breathing during bedtime, so that reference values of respiratory rate and heart rate can be detected.

Position detection

By installing two sensors in the room you can determine where in the room a person is standing.


High precision possible with radar and infrared sensor, that can not be done with radar alone
Without wearing special equipment
It is possible to detect movements (motion detection)
in dark places (environmental resistance)
Notification to smartphone is possible.(LINE, WeChat)
On our system you can choose the camera as an option. When installed in the bedroom etc., you can confirm the situation of the site immediately when the abnormality is notified. It also helps to prevent erroneous detection.
By using the cloud API, it is also possible to link with the notification system you are using.
With the A.I function, you can record and analyze patterns to detect ABNORMALITY IN ADVANCE

Difference from conventional products

Wide irradiation angle

The radio wave sensor used in this product can irradiate a wide range of 160 degrees ahead and can watch a wide range compared with the conventional sensor product.

Cooperation with infrared camera

Posture judgment is possible by linking with infrared camera. You can detect abnormalities such as crouching in the toilet and leaning against the wall.

Use scene

By installing the radar from the dressing room towards the bathroom you can watch the usage of the bath. (It is not necessary to install in the bathroom)
Possible to detect usage situation of the toilet
At living room, detect presence and absence and detect the activity level (travel distance).
Detect in bed, leave bed and watch breathing / heart rate (reference value) during sleeping.
Installing it near the pet cage.

Verification test

Currently, this system conducts field trials at two places, Japan and China.

Japan (in the case of elderly living alone in Kanagawa prefecture)

We set up radar in the living room and watch over our lives. Elderly people live by themselves, and families and helpers visit there only twice a week Wednesday and Friday. When this system detects an error, it can notify you of registered LINE and mail address, so you can watch with confidence from a remote place even on a day without visit. In addition, by recording the everyday behavior of the elderly, the system learns the life pattern of elderly people who wake up at 7 o'clock every morning, go to the living room, go back to their own room around 21 o'clock in the evening and go to bed. Even if the condition has suddenly changed and it is past 7 o'clock, even if the living has no movement of people, even if it passes after 21 o'clock, you can detect and notify us different actions, such as staying in the living room .

Hong Kong (in case of elderly couple)

We set up radar in living room and toilet and we are watching over. In watching the usage of the toilet, AI notifies you of abnormalities by LINE or e-mail as soon as you discover suspicious points (too long a stay, unused for a long time) in the usage time from past data. In the watching of the living room, you can detect the occurrence of abnormality from the decline in the activity amount, for example, when one side collapses in your room, by recording the amount of activity for two couple's usual couple.


  • 平成28年度補正革新的ものづくり・商業・サービス開発支援補助金
    Receipt number "2813111326"
    Title "電波センサを活用した呼吸計測が可能な介護見守りシステムの開発"
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