Care System with Radar and Infrared Sensor.

Our radar products are ideal for accident prevention and measures to abandon sudden change of conditions.


CHIPO radar is new technical of using radar and infrared sensor together(*). I watch a visitor in a bathr oom and a restroom, living, a bedroom.

* Patent pending



We developed a new watching system in which the radio wave sensor is integrated with the photo stand. Currently it is in the demonstration experiment at home of an elderly living alone in Yokohama city.

This product not only confirms safety such as presence / absence, but also can measure the size (momentum) of the movement of a person within the watching range, it is also useful for physical condition management and danger prediction for elderly people. Please wait for further information.


Information on CHIPO Radar (SWR - 101, SWR - 301) has been released on Products page.


A special feature of CHIPO Radar was broadcasted at Chinese TV station CUTV. video here (Please watch on a smartphone)


In collaboration with companies in Singapore, we started a field trial of CHIPO Radar in Senior Houses with Services in Singapore.


We exhibited CHIPO radar at the exhibition China Aid in Shanghai China from 13th to 15th June 2018.